The 2020 October Challenge, Jesus is asking you for a favour | #octoberfast | | 0894481656 | Raphoe Mission

Jesus is asking you for a favour

Jesus would like you to do a fast for the month of October.
Don't Panic! He's Leaving it up to you...

Will you make a sacrifice for Jesus and
help change the world for the better?

Fasting is one of the surest ways to effect change!

We are inviting you to join us:
In our October Mission Program.

Our Lady said that:

Prayer and Fasting can stop wars
Imagine what it can do in your life!

And here are the ways you can help

Doing even one of the following
can make a big difference!

Do you want change?
How much can you do?
How much will you take on?
How far will you go to change everything for the better?

Do you want to help a friend or family member?
Take on fasting for that intention during the month of October.

Do you want to significantly increase the effect of your fast?
Add prayer to your fast by saying an additional Daily Rosary.

To Signup for The 2020 October Challenge please click the button below or visit alternativly your can text 089 448 1656 or email [email protected] stating the days you can fast along with your name & phone number, additionally please visit the RaphoeMission Facebook:

Everything is possible
through Prayer and Fasting.

The 2020 October Challenge, Everything is possible through Prayer and Fasting | #octoberfast | | 0894481656 | Raphoe Mission